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    I'm seeing a syntax error in a docstring where there is no annotation. What gives?
Scribble tries extract potential annotations out of unstructured text. As such whenever it sees one of the keywords if_succeeds, if_updated, invariant and define as the first word on a new line, it will assume an annotations is starting. Since invaraint and define are also common words, its possible that they are more commonly the first word in a docstring. For now, if possible please re-word the docstrign so that the keyword is not the first word on a line. If thats not possible (e.g. the problem occurs in a 3rd party library), please open up an issue on and we will see if there is some way to address your use case. Note that in the future this will be less of a problem, as we are collaborating with Solidity devs to migrate to using natspec.
2. I'm getting an error "TypeError: Variable ... is defined in the new context in ... but used in an old() expression"
See this section for help.
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